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Which Concrete Resurfacing System fits you?

CONCRETE SOLUTIONS has been an innovative and powerful leader in the concrete resurfacing industry since 1986.

We provide quality products and services such as monthly training programs, ongoing specialty workshops, and continued product development, research, and testing.

As concrete ages, it deteriorates, resulting in discolored, stained, cracked, chipped, weakened and porous concrete surfaces. Weather, wear, moisture, freeze/thaw, and earth movement are contributing factors of gradual surface deterioration

CONCRETE SOLUTIONS has spent the last two decades developing products and systems to restore and resurface concrete to its original condition and at the same time, provide our customers with a more decorative solution. Our motto is, if it is possible to improve it, don’t remove it!

After years of research and millions of square feet of on-the-job testing of our products in virtually every climate condition throughout the world, we developed a systematic approach to concrete resurfacing and beautification.

Learn about Concrete Resurfacing, Surface Preparation, Crack Repair, Patching, Texturing from 0-1/8" thick, 1/4" Stamping, Acid Staining, Decorative Saw-cutting, Color Flake and our newest system Spray-Top.

Concrete Countertop

The Ashby System

Remember back to the first time you heard the term Concrete Countertop.You imagined your 20 year old driveway in all its oil stained glory sitting atop your cabinets. Why would any rational individual even consider such an outlandish thing, concrete, on your countertops! This is the reaction I still get from many as I try to explain my product to the curious. Their reaction is always the same as I produce pictures to show them my latest project. “There’s no way that is concrete!" It has always been satisfying to assure them that it is.

The natural look that can be achieved is quite remarkable.

Concrete to an artist is an empty canvas, waiting to be given shape and color, texture and style.

Do you dare call yourself an artist?
You most certainly will after learning “The Ashby System”.
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#1 system used in Las Vegas

Concrete Solutions was the first company to introduce 1/4” Stamped Concrete. In 1995 we developed 1/4" Stamped Concrete Resurfacing, and in 1997, we introduced this revolutionary new system to the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our 1/4” Stamping System for resurfacing concrete is the #1 system used in Las Vegas at major hotels and casinos, and has been successfully applied at many high profile jobs throughout the world.

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Cement can now be sprayed on like paint!

Spray-Top is a revolutionary polymer cement product developed by Concrete Solutions for restoring old, stained, smooth or stamped concrete to a like new solid color or decorative finish.

One of the outstanding benefits of Spray-Top is that it can be applied in the same way as paint, so thin that the existing texture is preserved. This is especially important when going over stamped concrete surfaces.

Once it is dry, Spray-Top looks similar to a professionally finished color hardener or integral colored concrete job. Even the most experienced concrete finisher will have difficulty telling the difference.

> Ultra Surface Spray-Top - How-to DVD  

Ultra Surface Spray-Top How-to DVD. Demonstrates five step-by-step, on the job Spray-Top applications.

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Perfect for garage floors

The Ultra Surface Color Flake system offers the perfect solution for concrete resurfacing of ugly garage floors.

Garages are not just for parking cars or storage anymore. Many homeowners are transforming them into well-organized workshops, game rooms, or fitness areas.

Concrete Solutions Ultra Surface Color Flake System beautifies and resurfaces garage floors and other surfaces by providing the luxurious look of granite or terrazzo.

> Ultra Surface Color Flake - How-to DVD

Ultra Surface Color Flake How-to DVD. Demonstrates step-by-step how to do a medium and full broadcast Color Flake System on actual jobs.

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Enhances old and new concrete surfaces

The Ultra Surface Acid Stain System enhances old and new concrete surfaces by creating multi-hued coloring effects that resemble the look of marble, weathered leather, natural stone or seascape blues and greens.

These colors are created by a chemical reaction between the blended metallic salts in the acid stain, and the hydrated lime in the surface of the hardened concrete.

Acid Stains Acid Stains are becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners, business owners and architects by providing a new, decorative alternative to traditional types of flooring.


Beautify concrete pool decks, driveways, patios
and walkways easily by resurfacing!

There are many business owners and homeowners who are dissatisfied with the condition of their concrete. It may have cracks, oil stains and rust stains or the surface may be discolored or deteriorating.

There are basically two options. Tear it out and replace it, or resurface it.

The Ultra Surface® Spray Texture System provides a more attractive finish than regular broom finished concrete, and can be applied for less cost than removal and replacement, in any color desired. more


Make old concrete look like new again without having to
remove it and replace it!

For years the only solution to cracked, stained or deteriorating concrete was to jack hammer it out and replace it with 4-6 inches of new concrete. In most cases the concrete itself was in good condition, except for a few cracks and some oil and rust stains on the surface.

In 1986, Concrete Solutions developed the crack repair system, and the Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete to provide an economical way to resurface over concrete and not have to remove it.

Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete can be applied less than 1/16th of an inch thick using a squeegee, and then immediately broomed to create a fine, medium or coarse broom texture. more

Our team of professional is ready to answer any questions you might have about our different systems.
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