Decorative concrete resurfacing solutions for all residential and commercial flooring applications

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Make old concrete look like new again without having to remove it and replace it!

When we first developed our polymer concrete, one of our biggest skeptics was a concrete man of over 30 years. When we told him we could apply concrete 1/16th of an inch thick he said, “IMPOSSIBLE”!

We noticed his driveway had some cracks and stains and asked if we could resurface it at no charge. He said, “I plan to remove it soon anyway, so go ahead, but you’re wasting your time.”

That job was finished in 1986, and still looks good today. After 5 years we asked again what he thought of our product? He said, “INCREDIBLE”!

First Driveway resurfaced w/ Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete in 1986.

After Bob's driveway we began resurfacing driveways and many other projects, including‚...

• Driveways
• Sidewalks / Patios
• Pool Decks
• Parking Garages
• Theme Parks
• Stadiums
• Sport Arenas
• Bridges and Highways

Our Broom Finish System and other systems have now been applied on millions of square in every climate condition throughout the world with great success.

Training Classes

To learn how to apply our Broom Finish and other systems, Concrete Solutions offers a two-day once a month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information on Concrete Solutions Regular Training Class please click here.

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